bookmark_borderIs The 4-Day Week The Future Of Work? A Q&A With Joe O’Connor

Is The 4-Day Week The Future Of Work? A Q&A With Joe O'Connor

Joe O'Connor and his team are transforming organizations with the four-day week. Is this the end of the traditional workweek?

Is the 4 day workweek coming soon?

At least one state is thinking about offering tax incentives to businesses that give an extra day off a week.

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Should We Move To A 4-Day Work Week?

Our mindset surrounding work is stuck in the 20th century. With massive improvements in technology and productivity in the last few decades, it’s time to reassess what work could look like. Is it time to move to a four day workweek?

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Should We Move To A 4-Day Work Week? – Second Thought

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Demand a 4 Day Week

We Campaign for a 32 hour, 4 Day Week without a reduction in pay so that we have more time for living, more time for each other, a more equal and sustainable society, more productive at work.

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Is a 4 Day Work Week Actually a Good Idea?

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Are you curious about the 4 day work week?

In this video, we explore the pros and cons of a 4 day work week for businesses. Tune in to learn more!

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