bookmark_borderBuild A Solid Foundation For SEO With Web Accessibility Requirements

Build A Solid Foundation For SEO With Web Accessibility Requirements

Adding web accessibility to SEO practices helps build a solid website foundation for search engine marketing. Here's how.

Accessibility, Web Design, and SEO

Breakdown of a recent article that rants against accessibility and why this is so very wrong. A primer on accessible contrast, colors, and why this is important for the users of your website or app. Why visual designers still ignore accessibility and how this is improving slowly over time. What we look for pertaining to accessibility in SEO audits.

The controversial article:
Accessible Colors:

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Tea Time SEO Web Accessibility and SEO

Watch this episode of Tea Time SEO on the 30th of September at 4:00pm where Billie Hyde, Lucy Pickering and Bradley Webster joined us to share their tips to improve Web Accessibility!

Lucy is a CIM-qualified digital marketer focused on making websites work for all users. She is Web UX manager at The Access Group, a growing SaaS company with headquarters in Loughborough. She also works for herself as Nine Seven Digital, offering marketing, product management, SEO and accessibility. Lucy is a mentor for Women in Tech SEO and WYK Digital and writes about inclusive design for

Billie is a Senior Account Manager & Training Lead at The SEO Works, where she splits her time between upskilling other SEO professionals and managing SEO campaigns for a wide range of clients. Billie worked across high-growth startups and global brands from local businesses to global publishers. In the last year, she has been focusing on advocating for more inclusive approaches to SEO and speaking about it to whoever will listen!

Bradley Webster, is an SEO Account Manager and Team Leader at The SEO Works. Recently, in his own time, Bradley has been working with a local charity specialising in providing sensory rooms to vulnerable people, helping them to expand on their site and improve their SEO while keeping it accessible and intuitive to use.

3 Ways Web Accessibility Can Improve Your SEO


Why Choose Accessibility?
Often it can be hard to persuade people to make an accessible website. Why? Well, it can often be time-consuming, more expensive, and most don’t know where to start.

If you do make an accessibility-ready website, most will create one to avoid a lawsuit.

But I want to pivot that thinking. Accessible websites actually have a lot of benefits. For starters, it can give you significant is boosts in your website performance like better SEO

How Accessibility and SEO Work Together
Have you ever tried to navigate a website that is difficult to use, hard to read, or frustrating to navigate? It’s infuriating.

A significant aspect of web accessibility actually follows a really great methodology called K.I.S.S., also known as “Keep it Simple, Stupid.”

In other words, it means making your website easy to use so that the user doesn’t have to do any work. It should almost be like the screen is holding your hand and taking you to the right spot. For example:

In the U.S., we read from left to right, so having your most popular items appear first in the navigation can provide a quicker user experience for everyone.
Make sure your heading orders are correctly nested to provide a better reading experience.
Don’t use sliders. Slider’s scream for our attention and prevent us from reading the main content.
I think a company that does a great job of this is apple. No one keeps it as simple as apple does. I give thanks to Steve for showing us the beauty in simplicity. Your website isn’t meant to be flashy, that’s why we have video games. It’s a place to connect your customers with the information, tools, or services they need. Don’t make it harder for them to use what you’re trying to sell.

Alternative text is used to provide an alternative to a visual item on a page. Such as images on a page like .jpg, .png, or .gif.

Please note that alt-text is different than an image caption. Captions are visible to all sighted users of a web page and sit below an image. The alt text is visible when the file doesn’t load, or it’s also what shows up on google images

Video transcription are a text-based description of a video file. This is essential for someone who is blind and deaf. Transcripts allow deaf and blind users to get content through the use of refreshable Braille readers and other devices.

The SEO benefits here is that transcripts allow your content to be picked up by google spiders when they’re indexing your website.

Captions are text alternative of the spoken word presented in a video. Not only do they benefit people who are deaf. Studies have increasingly found that captions help everyone and provide a better user experience for the end-user. Happy users mean an increased likelihood of converting a user to a client.

Accessibility is a win for everyone. It provides a better user experience for all users and can help improve your marketing efforts.

I have a feeling in the future, Google will announce a significant update rewarding A.D.A compliant websites.

But till then, if you need any help with your web accessibility. Please contact us, and we would be happy to lend a hand.

Building a Foundation for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be performed in a variety of ways, but ensuring that you are focusing on the foundational elements of SEO at the beginning will help the overall performance of a website for organic visibility. A solid foundation for SEO is built on three things: a fast and responsive website, relevant content, and authoritative signals. If a website owner forgets one of these three elements, it can cause many other issues moving forward when attempting to implement more complex SEO initiatives.

Join team members Tripp, Jeff, and Sheffield for this 50 minute webinar, where you will learn how to properly optimize your site for the three foundational elements of SEO, code, content, and credibility, and how to measure success with these three elements.

In this webinar, you will learn:

What factors you need to consider for success in the Organic Search Results
How these elements affect your site’s ability to perform in the Search Engines
What hurdles you may need to overcome to incorporate SEO tactics into your digital marketing efforts

bookmark_borderVulnerabilities Are Not an SEO Issue… Until You Get Hacked

Vulnerabilities Are Not an SEO Issue… Until You Get Hacked

Vulnerabilities are not an SEO issue until the site gets hacked and then it quickly becomes an SEO problem

#HITB2021AMS D2T2 – Hack Out Of The Box: Discovering 10+ Vulnerabilities In VirtualBox – Chen Nan

Virtualbox is a well-known open source cross-platform virtualization software. With the continuous update of virtualbox, its security has been greatly improved. For example, it now creates virtualbox process hardening to prevent malicious software from using VirtualBox as a vehicle to obtain kernel level access. They’ve also deleted Chromium 3D libraries and VHWA interface that are prone to vulnerabilities.

However, there are still has some interesting attack surfaces, such as USB backends, storage backends, and special self-use interfaces. This talk presents how we found some vulnerabilities in VirtualBox. In particular, we designed a special fuzzer for the virtualbox, which effectively found 10+ vulnerabilities.

We will introduce the design idea and implement skills used in the fuzzer, and disclose the details of some vulnerabilities. We will introduce in detail how to exploit these vulnerabilities, including some new exploit primitives.Finally , We will demonstrate the exploit of box escpae.


ChenNan is a Security Researcher of Chaitin Security Research Lab. He has more than 5 years of information security experience.

In the past years, his work involved bug hunting and exploit techniques,mainly in virtualization, iot, os kernel direction. He was listed on Microsoft Most Valuable Researcher of 2019. He was an author of the RealWorldCTF competition.

He was also a speaker at several conferences such as 44Con, CSS2018 and insomnihack.

Help for hacked sites: Identify the vulnerability

Help for hacked sites:

In this sixth step in Help for hacked sites, we discuss determining the root-cause vulnerability that allowed the cybercriminal to hack your site.

Web Security Q&A – Keep Your Website Away from Hackers

You Have Questions; We Have Answers! Keeping your Website secure and safe from cybersecurity threats is crucial.

Join our LIVE Podcast this Friday, March 4th, at 12:00 pm EST. Special Guest Julian Pena, Development Manager at Bwired Technologies.

Our discussion will focus on answering all your web security questions. Website security is important to keep hackers from accessing sensitive information. Without a proactive web security strategy, businesses risk the spread and escalation of malware, attacks on other websites, networks, and other IT infrastructure.

Don’t miss out!

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Can a VPN Be Hacked? | All You Need To Know About VPN Security

���� Best VPN providers with maximum anti-hacking protection, and discounts! ����
Best VPN list –

NordVPN… hacked? News of that went a couple years ago, but can a VPN be hacked? And how exactly can hacking a VPN affect a user like you? I’ll be answering these questions while overseeing the case of NordVPN. Hacked in 2018, what can the case of this breach tell us about VPN security?

Now, as you might have guessed, “Can a VPN be hacked?” is an easy question to answer. Yes, it can be, but it’s unlikely to be a direct hack. Going the route of brute forcing through the VPN encryption is often pointless. That said, there are multiple vulnerabilities a VPN could have. Going after one of those, a hacker might even succeed.

=== ❌ VPN Vulnerabilities ===

�� NordVPN hacked is a prime example of a VPN vulnerability, which relates to their third-party servers. When misconfigured or not properly protected, a physical VPN server can become an easy target for skilled hackers. That’s exactly what happened when a single NordVPN server in a Finnish-based data center was breached. How was NordVPN hacked? It happened due to a vulnerability that led to hackers accessing the server.

�� Rather than compromising a server, hackers can attack the connection directly. Can a VPN connection be hacked? Usually – not, but it’s possible that some VPNs still use older tunneling protocols with vulnerabilities. Since protocols are used to create a secure connection, any weakness in them is critical.

Right now, there are multiple VPN protocols in use. Protocol PPTP is currently outdated and heavily vulnerable, L2TP and SSTP are also susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks. Do VPNs really work with these protocols? Yeah, but definitely not as good as with the newer protocols.

�� Just like an outdated tunneling protocol can endanger your security, an outdated encryption cipher could lead to getting a VPN hacked. Can a VPN be hacked even with an advanced encryption cipher? Typically, starting with the 128-bit key length, it’s really hard to break through the encryption. In cases of AES-256 and ChaCha20, it’s borderline impossible. Not a single VPN was hacked while using these 256-bit encryption ciphers.

��Though quite often hackers don’t even have to try hacking the connection – it might already be leaking. Can a VPN prevent hacking through this route?
Most reputable VPNs are aware of these leaks and include leak protection as well as a kill switch. It’s a crucial feature that prevents any kind of leaks that could appear on network break or connection instability.

0:00 Intro
0:30 Can a VPN be hacked?
0:53 How was NordVPN hacked?
2:01 Can a VPN connection be hacked?
3:09 Encryption vulnerability
3:51 VPN leaks
4:34 What is the most secure VPN?

Affiliate link disclaimer: If you click the links in the description and get a VPN, we may receive a commission. With that said, we don’t let brands dictate our opinions – if we said it, that means it’s what we truly believe. Buying through our links will not cost you anything extra and as a matter of fact, may cost less due to discounts.

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bookmark_borderGoogle Ads Implements 3-Strike Policy Rule

Google Ads Implements 3-Strike Policy Rule

Google Ads has updated its violation policies for accounts. A new three-strike rule is being implemented in June 2022.

Bad News ! introduced New 3 Strike Punishment Rule for Google Ads Violations for YouTube & Blog

Google Ads introduced strike punishment system for Violation of advertisement guidelines wef 21 sept 2021 , 1st Strike will be forgiven with no restrition but from 2nd strike and third strike three days and seven days ads will be suspended .
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How to appeal disapproved ads on Google ads

How to appeal disapproved ads on Google ads. Google ads will sometimes accuse your ad of being in violation of their policies and choose not to run your ads. You can however dispute that claim. I show how in this video.



Tube Buddy the YouTube management software. Try the 30 day free trial:

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Three Strikes & You’re Out! Google Ads Plays Hardball With Advertisers

This week on Marketing O’ Clock, Google is cracking down on ad policy violations with a new three strikes and you’re out system. We REALLY hope they can do a better job at accurately calling out violations before it rolls out in September, 2021. Then, YouTube rolls out premium subscriber-only live chats and polls. Plus, TikTok launches Spark Ads, giving brands the ability to retroactively sponsor trending content.
Intro – 00:00

�� Main News – 4:17
�� Take(s) of the Week – 21:05

�� ICYMI – 22:46

⚡️ Lightning Round ⚡️
Paid – 25:29
Organic 29:16
Social – 43:48

⚙️ WH/HW – 55:05

�� Cool Tool – 57:38

�� MRMAOTW – 59:17

�� Shootin’ the Heck – 01:00:38


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New Google Ads Policy [Google Strikes System]

Google Ads New Strikes Policy is here! This is what it means for you as a Google Ads advertiser.

If you are using Google Ads for your business, you need to know how this ads policy will impact you! The strike based system is massively important.

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bookmark_borderWordPress vs. Drupal: How to Choose a CMS for Your Business

WordPress vs. Drupal: How to Choose a CMS for Your Business

Choosing between Drupal and WordPress can be a difficult decision. Find out which would work best for your content management strategy.

WordPress Vs Drupal: Which Is Better ?

Wordpress Vs Drupal: Which Is Better ?
WordPress vs. Drupal! Comparison Between Most Known CMS Websites
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In this video we will learn WordPress Vs Drupal: Which Is Better ?

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06 – CMS Comparison WordPress Vs Drupal – updated 2016

This lesson is part of Drupal 8 Essential Training series. There are over 60 videos in these 2 part series.

Playlist: Drupal 8 Essential Training – Part 1

Playlist: Drupal 8 Essential Training – Part 2

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WordPress vs Strapi. How to Choose the Right CMS? – Experts Zone Talks #12 |

The right CMS makes your business and its website more efficient. How to choose CMS? How will the choice affect the Google positions and marketing performance? In the EZ Talks interview, Frontend Developer Patryk will reveal all the truth.

0:00 Intro
0:32 What is CMS? What are the types?
3:23 Which aspects we have to pay attention to while choosing the CMS?
5:23 Is WordPress slow?
8:21 Can we do all the work by ourselves or we have to find an implementation partner?
12:09 Safety gaps and CMSs
13:16 How does CMS affect marketing and SEO characteristics?
15:29 Tips for those who want to choose CMS?
17:00 How soon will WordPress’s technology become outdated?

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WordPress or Drupal or Both: A Framework for Client CMS Decisions

WordPress and Drupal are powerful open source tools. Many agencies specialize in one or the other, but being able to effectively use both can be a tremendous strategic benefit. In this webinar we’ll discuss how to deploy both WordPress and Drupal effectively as an agency.

bookmark_borderGetting Started With GA4: These 4 Tips Will Get You Up & Running

Getting Started With GA4: These 4 Tips Will Get You Up & Running

Consider this article a set of GA4 training wheels. Learn where to find site traffic, user engagement, events, and conversion reports with Kayle Larkin.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Tutorial – Fast-Track 20-Minute Tutorial

In this Google Analytics 4 (GA4) tutorial, you will learn about the reports, the interface, key features, how to upgrade, and more.

00:00 Introduction
00:32 Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and flexible tracking
01:36 Differences between Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Universal Analytics
04:05 Identify Google Analytics versions
05:43 Home report in Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
07:33 Realtime report in Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
09:10 Acquisition reports in Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
10:38 Engagement reports in Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
11:45 Demographics reports in Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
12:01 Technology reports in Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
12:42 Explore (ad-hoc and custom) reports in Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
13:21 Advertising reports in Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
14:03 Configuration options in Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
15:26 Upgrade to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
17:27 Adding Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to Google Tag Manager
18:54 Conclusion

○ Events in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) –
○ Google Analytics 4 (GA4) demo account –
○ Conversions in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) –
○ Audiences in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) –
○ DebugView and Tag Assistant –
○ Enhanced measurement in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) –
○ Google Tag Manager tutorials –
○ Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Mini-Course (paid) –
○ Google Tag Manager Course (paid) –

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Google Analytics 4 Tutorial For Beginners

In this Google Analytics 4 tutorial, you will walk through the steps to get up and running with Google Analytics 4 (GA4), which is the new version of Google Analytics. You will learn how to create an account and property, all about the reports, how to create your own custom exploration reports, configuration options, and how to install the GA4 tag using Google Tag Manager. This is the complete Google Analytics tutorial!

0:00 Introduction to what you will learn in this tutorial
1:07 Setting up a new Google Analytics account and property
8:08 How to check if you’re using Universal Analytics or not
9:19 Upgrading from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4
11:19 Setting up a data stream in Google Analytics 4
15:14 Overview of the reports in Google Analytics 4
18:43 Home report
19:56 Reports Snapshot report
21:24 Realtime report
24:14 Acquisition reports
27:55 Engagement reports
30:11 Monetization reports
31:56 Retention report
32:49 Demographics reports
34:32 Technology reports
36:34 Exploration reports
38:29 Examples of Exploration reports in Google Analytics 4
45:33 Advertising reports (for attribution)
48:29 Configuration options in Google Analytics 4
50:47 Enabling events as conversions in Google Analytics 4
51:29 Setting up conversions for specific pages
55:39 Audiences in Google Analytics 4
56:41 Custom definitions in Google Analytics 4
57:18 DebugView in Google Analytics 4
57:34 Administration options (the ‘Admin’ area)
59:21 Adding GA4 to your website using Google Tag Manager
1:00:01 Conclusion

○ Google Marketing Platform –
○ Access Google’s demo account –
○ Google Tag Manager tutorials – &list=PL1vNrn711L8SnLqvJ_W0sofsVST7ldXXV

Google Analytics lets you measure and report on the performance of your website, including who visits your website, how they find it, and what they do. Once you’ve implemented Google Analytics on your website using Google Tag Manager or the Google Tag, you will begin to collect data and be able to use your reports.

The new version of Google Analytics, GA4, let’s you access the latest data collection and reporting features, and it’s built on Google’s machine learning (this is a big shift from the previous version, which is called ‘Universal Analytics’). You can also use event tracking in GA4, along with it’s flexbile data model, and enhanced measurement to automatically collect insights about your audience. Plus, you can collect recommended and custom events into your reports too.

In this Google Analytics tutorial, you will walk-through an overview of reports, including the user acquisition reports, and how to install Google Analytics using data streams and how to track conversions. Let’s jump in, and get started!

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Google Analytics 4 Tutorial for Beginners (2023)

✭ Learn how to get started with Google Analytics 4: installation, interface, reports, conversions, configuration, and more.

������ In-depth Google Analytics 4 course & &utm_campaign=am%20yt%20-%20ga4%20tutorial%202022

If you are looking for a GA4 tutorial, this is your first step. Get a broad picture of what is available and later dive deeper into certain topics (that I mentioned at the end of this video).

Also, take a look at the timestamps and useful resources below.


00:00 – Intro
01:02 – Create a Google Analytics 4 account/property
05:25 – Overview of Google Analytics 4 admin panel
15:08 – Enhanced Measurement in Google Analytics 4
17:38 – Other settings in the admin panel
24:02 – Standard reports in Google Analytics 4
30:42 – Explorations in Google Analytics 4
36:46 – Advertising reports in Google Analytics 4
40:42 – “Configure” section in Google Analytics 4
43:39 – Install Google Analytics 4
53:46 – Seeing data in Google Analytics 4 reports
56:09 – Track custom events with Google Analytics 4
01:09:10 – What to do next + GA4 course


�� Google Analytics 4 course & &utm_campaign=am%20yt%20-%20ga4%20tutorial%202022

�� FREE E-book: Getting Started with Google Analytics 4: Installation, Events, Conversions. Reports & &utm_campaign=am%20yt%20-%20ga4%20tutorial%202022

✭ Google Analytics 4 DEMO account

✭ Google Analytics 4 homepage

✭ Data-Driven Attribution in Google Analytics 4

✭ Free form exploration reports in Google Analytics 4 (Analysis Hub)

✭ Funnel exploration in Google Analytics 4 & &utm_campaign=am%20yt%20-%20ga4%20tutorial%202022

✭ Path exploration in Google Analytics 4 & &utm_campaign=am%20yt%20-%20ga4%20tutorial%202022

✭ Audiences in Google Analytics 4 & &utm_campaign=am%20yt%20-%20ga4%20tutorial%202022

✭ Link Google Ads with Google Analytics

✭ user_engagement event in Google Analytics 4 & &utm_campaign=am%20yt%20-%20ga4%20tutorial%202022

✭ Google Tag Manager Tutorial for Beginners (with GA4 examples):

✭ Custom Dimensions in Google Analytics 4 & &utm_campaign=am%20yt%20-%20ga4%20tutorial%202022

✭ How to Install Google Tag Manager

✭ Google Tag Manager Tutorial for Beginners (with GA3 examples)

✭ Create events in Google Analytics 4 & &utm_campaign=am%20yt%20-%20ga4%20tutorial%202022#create-new-events

✭ Modify events in Google Analytics 4 & &utm_campaign=am%20yt%20-%20ga4%20tutorial%202022#modify-events

✭ How to create a Universal Analytics property when GA4 is the default

✭ How to configure conversions in GA4


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✭ Twitter
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bookmark_borderMatch-Type Changes & Campaign Structure Choices

Match-Type Changes & Campaign Structure Choices

Do match-type campaigns/ad groups make sense anymore? Should branded keywords be protected with phrase and exact match? Find out here.

Keyword Match Type Distribution Analysis

The Keyword Match Type Strategy Used At Top Digital Agencies

Learn the Google Ads (Adwords) keyword match type strategy used at the leading digital marketing agencies.

To download this strategy as a PDF check out the following link, which will also give you access to my free Google Ads & Facebook Ads E-Series:

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Broad Match Keywords have a SUPERPOWER

Get accredited PPC training and direct access to ask me anything by becoming a student at The SEM Academy ��

Broad Match keywords are making a comeback because they have a superpower… Should you give them another chance or are they still trash?


Performance Max Campaigns THE RESULTS ARE IN…

How to ACE a PPC Interview – PPC Interview Questions and Format Covered!

How to Get PPC Clients as a Freelancer or Agency

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�� LIVE – Gutfeld! 2/24/23 | FOX BREAKING NEWS February 24, 2023

�� LIVE – Gutfeld! 2/24/23 | FOX BREAKING NEWS February 24, 2023
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bookmark_border5 Essential ROI Formulas PPC Managers Should Master

5 Essential ROI Formulas PPC Managers Should Master

Understanding the PPC auction process is crucial for a successful Google Ads campaign. Here are five must-learn ROI formulas every PPC marketer should know.

How to Calculate Break-Even ACoS for Amazon PPC

Before you can reach maximum profit with Amazon PPC, you need to know how to reach your break-even ACoS. As an Amazon seller, you should take into account your total revenue, Amazon fees, cost of goods sold before calculating the ACoS that helps you break even.

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Basic PPC ROI Evaluations

Cost considerations should not be the only factor in your calculations when evaluating the success of a pay per click ad group and campaign. Careful analysis and commonsense thinking can aid you to allocate your money into campaigns that produce the best balance between cost and opportunity.

5 Ways To Maximize PPC Campaign ROI (Amazon ASIN Product Targeting Ads)

Here are 5 quick & easy ways to maximize ROI from Amazon product targeting ads. Use this PPC campaign strategy for your product targeting ads on Amazon. Watch this tutorial to learn beginner & advanced ASIN targeting tips & tricks to optimize your Amazon PPC campaigns.

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00:00 Intro
00:26 How ASIN Targets Can Help In Boosting Brand Sales
01:28 How To Find Extra ASIN Targets
02:04 Why Should You Avoid Using Suggested Bids
02:37 How To Use Search Feature For Finding New ASINs To Target
04:57 How Search Feature Can Save You Money
05:11 Which Campaigns Does Extra ASIN Feature Work For?
05:41 Amazon Advertising Hierarchy
06:16 Outro
06:42 End screen



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Are you working in the Digital Marketing world? You may already know all milestones of digital marketing or you may be interested in getting used to it.  To be able to be success something in digital marketing campaigns, you have to manage all of the points effectively. Otherwise, it could be a loss rather than a gain for you.

Our Marketing Campaign ROI Calculator template will help you to organize and work with the essential metrics of many major marketing channels.

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# Calculates the Rate of Return of your Marketing Campaigns
# Full Print Ready
# Informational notes included
# No installation needed. Ready to use.
# Works both on Mac and Windows
# Does not include VBA code or Macros
# Compatible with Excel 2010 and later versions

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bookmark_borderThe Link Building Tactic You’re Not Using: Shallow Links

The Link Building Tactic You’re Not Using: Shallow Links

Sure, your inbound link counts look good on that SEO tool, but all those links aren't worth squat if they're not pointing to the right pages.

Link Building Tactics for Beginners – 3.4. SEO Course by Ahrefs

In lesson 3.4 of our SEO basics course, you’ll learn the step-by-step process on how to build backlinks, plus 3 tried-and-tested link building tactics.

Additional SEO Resources

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There are 3 general stages in link building:
► Prospecting
► Vetting
► Email outreach

When prospecting, you’re searching for relevant pages and websites that might link to you. The vetting stage is where you start to refine your list of prospects. These are the people that you’ll be contacting, so you’ll need to visit their websites and validate that they are indeed people worth contacting.

Finally is the email outreach stage.This is when you’ll finalize your pitches and start emailing your vetted prospects.

Depending on the link building tactic you use, the way you prospect, vet and craft your email pitches will differ.

There are a few dead simple but effective link building tactics that are completely newbie-friendly. They are:

► Use HARO
► Guest blogging
► Skyscraper Technique

You’ll learn how to find prospects, vet them and craft your email outreach for each link building tactic in the video.


1:33 What is link building
2:21 Tactic#1: Get free PR using HARO
7:14 Tactic #2: Guest posting
13:34 Tactic #3: Skyscraper technique

#linkbuildingtactics #linkbuilding #seo

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Understanding Why Backlink Outreach is Effective

Understanding Why Backlink Outreach is Effective

00:04 What is Backlink Outreach and How Does it Work?
01:21 What makes Backlink Outreach Effective?

Backlink outreach is a strategy that allows you to reach out to other websites and ask them if they’ll link to your site in exchange for a reciprocal link. This can be an effective way to get more traffic and exposure, but it’s also a great way to build relationships with other sites, which can lead to partnerships and opportunities in the future.

The best way to understand backlink outreach is by looking at how it works in practice. Let’s say you’re trying to get a link from a specific website. You’ll need to find out who runs the website and send them an email requesting a link back from their site. The email should have some sort of hook or angle that makes it compelling for them, so they’ll want to add it.

For example, if you are an artist who creates sculptures out of recycled materials, you might make an email pitch about your latest project and include pictures or videos of your work. This could help convince the person running a website that’s relevant to art and sculpture that linking back would be beneficial for them as well. They might even put a link on their website!

In the simplest sense, the goal of doing a backlink outreach is to build links on high-authority sites that’ll boost your rankings in search engines and drive more traffic to your site.

One of the biggest reasons it works is that it’s one of the most cost-effective strategies out there. You can get your content syndicated by other sites without having to pay them directly, which means you save money on paying for content.

Additionally, backlink outreach helps build relationships with other people in your industry. When you reach out to another website owner and ask them if they’d be willing to share your content, you’re starting a relationship that could lead to further opportunities down the road.

Finally, backlink outreach gets results because it’s highly personalized and targeted to each individual site owner. Instead of blasting out an email or commenting on every blog post from every website in the world, backlink outreach allows you to focus on specific websites that are relevant to what you’re offering. This makes it easier for website owners to say yes when they see something interesting in what you’ve written or offered as a guest post!

Start building relationships with authorities in your industry!
Visit today and we’ll help you get started with your backlink outreach efforts!

Need niche relevant backlinks for link building? LinkDaddy’s Link Building Service helps rank your Video, Google Map Listing, Website and will Power Up your Citations, Niche Edits, Guest Posts, Social Listings and other Mentions of your Business on the internet to help drive more Traffic and get you more Customers. Schedule a call with us through this link:

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Different Ways to Effectively Conduct Link Building

Different Ways to Effectively Conduct Link Building

00:04 Different Ways to Effectively Conduct Link Building
00:35 How to Effectively Build Links for Your Website

When it comes to building your business, one of the best things you can do is invest in link building. Link building refers to the process of increasing the number of links pointing to your website from other sites. It’s a great way to get more exposure for your brand and grow your business.

In addition, link building is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. When done correctly, it can help you grow your business and improve your search engine rankings.

However, in order to build links correctly and effectively, there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind.

First of all, try to get natural links from high-quality websites that are relevant to your business. These are the best kind because they’re usually given freely by those who want to share their content with the world.

Next, if you have a blog, make sure it’s updated regularly with new content that is relevant to your industry. This will make it more likely for people in your industry to link back to you when they post something similar on their own blogs or websites.

Of course, a proven and tested way to effectively build links to your site is by creating content that’s valuable and shareable on social media. If you want people to share your content on social media, then make sure it’s valuable! Make sure it’s interesting enough that they’ll want to share it with their friends or followers. You should also make sure it’s shareable. This means including things like a catchy headline, or an eye-catching image at the top of your post or article. When these two things come together, valuable content combined with an engaging way of presenting it, then you’ve got yourself something people will definitely want to share!

Another great option for building links to your website is to make friends with other businesses in your industry. You can then ask for links on their websites. This is called guest posting, and it’s a great way to build up your profile with other businesses in your industry, as well as establish yourself as an expert in your field or niche. What’s more, guest posting is a good way to build relationships with other businesses within your industry, which can lead to more collaborative projects in the future!

Want to improve the visibility of your website?
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Not sure who LinkDaddy is?
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Need niche relevant backlinks for link building? LinkDaddy’s Link Building Service helps rank your Video, Google Map Listing, Website and will Power Up your Citations, Niche Edits, Guest Posts, Social Listings and other Mentions of your Business on the internet to help drive more Traffic and get you more Customers. Schedule a call with us through this link:

if you want more clients from Google and Youtube or visit

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Shallow Links: Identifying and Upgrading for SEO

Your inbound link counts are increasing, but your authority is not. Why not? All those links are worthless if they’re not pointing to the right pages. Today we welcome Jeff Ferguson, partner and head of production here at Amplitude. Jeff is also a well-known conference speaker and an Adjunct Professor at UCLA, teaching tomorrow’s digital leaders.

His recent article in Search Engine Journal, titled “The Link Building Tactic You’re Not Using: Shallow Links,” dug deep into the topic. But there is plenty more to learn.

Topics include:
• True Link Building Strategy (good) vs Domain-Authority-Based Linkbuilding Strategy (bad)
• Link quantity vs link quality
• What are “shallow links” and why are they not as useful as they might appear?
• How do I identify my shallow links?
• Should I send all backlinks to the home page?
• How do I update existing links to maximize their SEO effects on my page authority?


Host: Duff Ferguson, Founder/Partner at Amplitude Digital

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bookmark_borderShopify SEO – How to Optimize Your Shopify Site for Google

Shopify SEO – How to Optimize Your Shopify Site for Google

Your Shopify SEO strategy can have a big impact on your ecommerce sales. Learn the best strategies to influence your search ranking from SEO insiders.

Quick Shopify SEO Tip to Increase Google Ranking

A big problem that Shopify stores can have when being indexed by Google is duplicate page content. This happens because of how Shopify can structure your page URLs. So in this Shopify SEO Tutorial I’m showing you exactly how to fix it in your Shopify theme’s code in just 1 min.

SEO for Shopify stores is so important to get your store ranked higher in Google and by adding in this code to your Shopify theme it fixes a big issue for Shopify stores. Plus I also show you how to quickly avoid broken links for your Shopify store which can also really hurt your SEO ranking.

The code to insert in your theme can be found in the video and you can also copy and paste the code linked below. PLEASE NOTE: Some Shopify Themes may already have this code added in so make sure to double-check it isn’t added in first before you add it in.

Get the code to add to your Shopify Theme on my site here- (sorry YouTube won’t allow me to put it in the description ��)

Watch more Shopify SEO Tutorials in my Playlist Here ��

#shopifyseo #shopifytutorial

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How To RANK Your Shopify Store on Google (Shopify SEO)

I’ll show you how to rank your Shopify store on Google and optimize the store with the latest SEO checklist and best tips for beginners in a step by step video and not just that, I will share the best SEO practices for ranking your Shopify on Google search engine and optimizing for the right keywords and also how to do your keyword research.
If you’re running a Shopify business, chances are you’ve been wondering how to get your online store ranking higher on Google and we all want our stores to be seen by more potential customers, and good rankings can help us achieve that goal.
Fortunately there are several things we can do to improve our search engine optimization (SEO) for Shopify stores and increase visibility on Google, and in this video i will go in depth with all the details and tips without using any SEO apps.
Remember that SEO is an ongoing process so keep working at it over time & don’t expect overnight success because consistency pays off eventually when done correctly and especially when it comes to ranking your Shopify store on Google.

Keyword Sheeter :

WordCounter :

If you have any questions or suggestions my Instagram :

Chapters :
00:00 Introduction
01:07 Why SEO is Better
02:15 Shopify Store Example
02:43 SEO Checklist
04:01 Keyword Optimization
05:24 Keyword Research
09:14 Writing Blogs
10:52 Content Optimization
14:56 Google Search Console
15:32 Backlinks

About me:
My name is Anas El Medlaoui and i have been around digitally for 8 years making Websites, Mobile Applications, Social Media Promotions, E-commerce etc…
And i have accumulated some experience in multiple fields over the years jumping from project to project (Which wasn’t a good idea), I started this Youtube channel after a year of hesitation to share my knowledge and experience with people that are willing to succeed online with the theory of knowledge for everyone.

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SEO Optimization On Shopify – All The Tools You Need

Does Shopify offer any tools for SEO optimization? Shopify offers powerful tools to optimize your store for SEO, helping you appear higher in search engine results. Find out in the video!
More info:

Does Shopify offer any tools for SEO optimization? Shopify offers powerful tools to optimize your store for SEO, helping you appear higher in search engine results. Find out in the video!

How’s it going everybody? Welcome back. And today I want to be answering a question that I’ve been getting recently, which is does Shopify offer any tools for SEO optimization? Now yes, Shopify does offer several tools for SEO optimization making it easier for you to improve your website’s visibility in search engine results. In some of the SEO tools and features offered by Shopify include customizable meta descriptions and page titles. You can easily customize the meta descriptions and page titles for your website pages helping you to improve the visibility of your website in search engine results. You also get sitemap generation, which will automatically generate a sitemap for your website making it easier for search engines to crawl and index your site. You also get URL structure customization, where you can customize the URLs for your website pages, helping to improve the readability and relevance of your website for both users and search engines. You also get image optimization which will allow you to optimize your images for search engines by specifying alt tags and file names, which can improve the visibility of your site in image search results. And finally, get mobile optimization, which ensures that your website is optimized for users on all devices, including smartphone and tablets. Overall, Shopify provides a range of tools and features to help you optimize your website for search engines, making it much easier to attract traffic and increase your sales. Whether you have technical skills or not. Shopify does make it easy to optimize your site for search engines, helping to improve your website’s visibility and reach. Now if you’d like to give Shopify a try, you do have a three day free trial without any credit card information required. And you can just click the link in the description down below and it’ll take you straight to that. And if you do decide to subscribe to Shopify, what you can do is get a discount for the first three months or get the basic plan for just $1 a month for the first three months, which is a pretty decent deal. So be sure to keep that in mind and even when you’re done with your three day free trial. Since you don’t need any credit card information you will not be charged until you enter your credit card information. So you won’t be surprised with being charged after three days. So that’s pretty much it for this video calm below if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer all of them like and subscribe if you’d like to support the channel and stay up to date with future videos. Thank you guys so much for watching. I’ll see you in the next one. Have a wonderful day.

Hope you enjoyed my SEO Optimization On Shopify – All The Tools You Need Video.

Shopify SEO Optimization Tutorial For Beginners | Step By Step FREE TRAFFIC

✅ Maximize Your Shopify Store’s Loading Speed Here:

In this shopify seo optimization tutorial for beginners, I walk you through step by step the best practices for doing shopify seo on your store to generate free traffic and sales. I explain what exactly shopify seo optimization is, in a beginner friendly manner, and then show you step by step how exactly to execute this within your own stores.

I’ll show you how to..
– Conduct Keyword Research
– Optimize your product titles and descriptions
– Optimize your image alt tags
– Check Your Page loading speed

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bookmark_borderVideo SEO: 10 Steps to Optimizing Videos for Search and Discovery

Video SEO: 10 Steps to Optimizing Videos for Search and Discovery

Video SEO is constantly evolving and staying current on optimization best practices is essential. Learn 10 steps for optimizing videos today.

How to optimize your Video for SEO

How to optimize your Video for SEO

The secret to getting more views on your Youtube Video is to utilize SEO when creating your Youtube Video. Search Engine Optimization will help your videos be shown and easily found. If you want to learn the basics to SEO for your Youtube Videos, keep watching!

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Video SEO Tutorial

A video SEO tutorial is a great way to help your videos rank on YouTube and Google.

00:00 Video SEO Tutorial
00:04 Videos On YouTube And Google
01:09 How To Optimize Your Videos For Search Engines

There are plenty of other video SEO tutorials out there, but many of them don’t take into account the new changes that have been made by Google and YouTube. This video SEO tutorial will show you how to optimize your videos for ranking on YouTube and Google so that you can get the most views possible from the search engines. Video SEO is the process of optimizing your videos for search engines so that they can find and rank your videos when people search for a certain keyword or phrase. When people search for something on Google or YouTube, they want to see results that are relevant to what they searched for. This means that if someone searches for “how to tie a bow tie”, they want the top results to be videos about tying bow ties rather than articles about bow ties or photos of bow ties. This is where video SEO comes in: it helps make sure that your video gets ranked above other videos when someone searches for a certain topic or phrase.

If you’re looking for a video SEO tutorial, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll walk you through the process of optimizing your videos for search engines and show you how to get the most out of your video content. First things first, though: what exactly is video SEO? When we talk about SEO, we’re referring to Search Engine Optimization—that is, making sure that when someone searches on Google or another search engine for something related to your topic, your website ranks highly. For example, if someone searches “how to bake cookies,” they want results with lots of information on how to bake cookies! This can be done by optimizing your page’s content and links so that it gets ranked well in search results. Video SEO works similarly: when someone searches for something related to your topic—for example: “how to bake cookies”—they want results with lots of information on how to bake cookies! This can be done by optimizing your video’s metadata (the data about your video) so that it gets ranked well in search results. You can also optimize the content itself (the actual video) so that it appears higher up in search results too.

Get the most out of your video content by optimizing it!
Visit today and learn more about our SEO services!
Not sure who LinkDaddy is?
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Need niche relevant backlinks for link building? LinkDaddy’s Link Building Service helps rank your Video, Google Map Listing, Website and will Power Up your Citations, Niche Edits, Guest Posts, Social Listings and other Mentions of your Business on the internet to help drive more Traffic and get you more Customers. Call +1 310 299 2782 if you want more clients from Google and Youtube or visit

This video can be found on this channel:

How To Optimize Your Online Videos For Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your online videos for search engine optimization (SEO) can help improve their visibility and attract more viewers to your channel. To do this, start by including relevant keywords in the title, description, and tags of your video. Also, make sure to choose a descriptive and catchy title that accurately reflects the content of the video. Additionally, consider transcribing the audio of your video and adding closed captions to make it more accessible to a wider audience and increase its chances of being found in search results. It’s also important to promote your videos through social media and other channels to drive traffic and build backlinks to your content. Lastly, regularly publishing high-quality and engaging content can help establish your channel as a reliable source of information and further improve your SEO efforts. #seo #onlinevideo #video

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How to Get Your Video in YouTube’s Search Results – 10 Steps to Optimize Your Video SEO

In this video, we’ll take a look at how to optimize your video to show up in YouTube’s search results. I’ll go through 10 aspects of your video you need to optimize to help your video rank in search results. These aspects are

00:59 – Video Title
01:48 – Thumbnail
02:23 – Video Description
03:03 – Video Tags
03:22 – Video Visibility
03:45 – Monetization Options
04:08 – End Screens
05:09 – Cards
06:15 – Closed Captions
06:58 – Hashtags

Entering and optimizing the above video information when uploading to YouTube will help your video rank in YouTube’s search results. Remember, always optimize your video for people, not the search algorithm. And make sure to publish quality content people want to watch. No matter how good your videos SEO is, if people click off early on in your video, the video WILL NOT show up in search results. Try optimizing these 10 parts and share in the comments below whether it made any difference in your channel growth. Good Luck!


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