Google Search Ranking and Popup Banners

Google Search Ranking and Popup Banners

Google's John Mueller explains how multiple ranking factors play a role in whether a banner popup affects search presence

3 Things I HATE About The PS5!

3 Things that I HATE about the PS5!! The PlayStation 5 is an awesome console, but there are a few things from the PS4 that I wish didn’t transfer over! Such as…. Rest Mode, I can’t believe this is a PlayStation Feature!

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Big Value Banners #1 Google Ranking | SEO Case Study

Big Value Banners #1 Google Ranking | SEO Case Study

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Huge Google Search Update | How to Boost Your Site Rank

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The ‘helpful content’ update is a big one. I think this is great, it looks like it’s helping smaller, niche experts get onto the search results, pushing out mainstream media sites! Awesome 🙂

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How Google’s PageRank Algorithm Works

Google’s PageRank algorithm is one of the most important algorithms on the Internet. The algorithm attempts to rank pages according to their importance. But what does it mean for a web page to be “important”? In this video, we explore the “random surfer” model, which allows us to calculate a page’s PageRank by simulating a random surfer who browses the web one page at a time.

0:00 PageRank
1:39 Random Surfer Model
3:40 Damping Factor


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