bookmark_borderGoogle Search Ranking and Popup Banners

Google Search Ranking and Popup Banners

Google's John Mueller explains how multiple ranking factors play a role in whether a banner popup affects search presence
Look more in detail: there

3 Things I HATE About The PS5!

3 Things that I HATE about the PS5!! The PlayStation 5 is an awesome console, but there are a few things from the PS4 that I wish didn’t transfer over! Such as…. Rest Mode, I can’t believe this is a PlayStation Feature!

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�� Swinging Sticks
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Big Value Banners #1 Google Ranking | SEO Case Study

Big Value Banners #1 Google Ranking | SEO Case Study

Pearl Lemon is a full-service, multi-award-winning SEO agency based in London.


Pearl Lemon is no ordinary #SEOAgency! Deepak Shukla, the founder of Pearl Lemon bootstrapped the company from $0-20k per month in less than 6 months by leveraging his entrepreneurial flair, extensive growth hacking experience and his team of experts.


Huge Google Search Update | How to Boost Your Site Rank

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The ‘helpful content’ update is a big one. I think this is great, it looks like it’s helping smaller, niche experts get onto the search results, pushing out mainstream media sites! Awesome 🙂

Full details are here:

More tutorials at:

How Google’s PageRank Algorithm Works

Google’s PageRank algorithm is one of the most important algorithms on the Internet. The algorithm attempts to rank pages according to their importance. But what does it mean for a web page to be “important”? In this video, we explore the “random surfer” model, which allows us to calculate a page’s PageRank by simulating a random surfer who browses the web one page at a time.

0:00 PageRank
1:39 Random Surfer Model
3:40 Damping Factor


Spanning Tree is a channel of animated educational videos covering topics in computer science and mathematics.

Brian Yu

bookmark_borderWhat’s A Good Google Ads CTR/CPC/CPA In 2022? [STUDY]

What's A Good Google Ads CTR/CPC/CPA In 2022? [STUDY]

See how your Google Ads campaign performance measures up against the latest benchmarks from Wordstream by LOCALiQ.

The Four C’s Of PPC (CTR, CPC, CPA And CR)

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Bidding Strategies Google Ads | What is CPM | CPC | CPA | ROAS. Which bid strategy is better?

आज के विडिओ आज के विडिओ में हम Bidding Strategies Google Ads | CPM | CPC | CPA | ROAS. के बारे मे जानेंगे।

1) Bidding Strategies क्या होता है?
2) Importance of Bidding Strategies??
3) CPC के फायदे क्या है?
4) CPA & ROAS कैसे काम करता है?
5) CPA & ROAS Kaise calculate karate hai?
6) Types of Google Ads – Search Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads, Shopping Ads & Application Ads

अधिक जानकारी के लिए पूरी वीडियो देखे |

#GoogleAds #GoogleAdwords #Bidding Strategies

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About Me: Swapnil is a Lead generation Specialist & Digital Marketing certified professional with having combined 12 plus years of experience having significant exposure in Digital Marketing, Branding & Media planning. MBA from the University of Pune. Management Development Program from IIM Bangalore on Digital Marketing for Business Growth. Conducting Training & workshops as a Digital Marketing Trainer and visiting faculty in renowned institutes in Pune, India.

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5) डिजिटल मार्केटिंग क्या होता है? | Benefits of Digital Marketing :
6) How to Build 10000 Connections on LinkedIn:

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Google Ads CTR: 5 Best Practices to Increase Your Click Through Rate

Learn everything you need to know about Google Ads Click Through Rate (CTR). What is a good Google ads CTR? How do I increase CTR on Google ads? These are some questions you may have when you build your campaign and start getting results. It’s important to have a good click-through rate in Google Ads because it impacts your quality score, which impacts your ad rank. A high ad rank and a high quality score is vital for a successful Google Ads campaign because you can spend less than competitors when you enter the ad auction.

The Average Clickthrough Rate (CTR) for Google Ads is approximately 2%, but it can vary by industry. Personally, I like to use the quality score column that shows whether or not my expected click-through rate is below average, average, or above average.

5 Ways to Improve Google Ads CTR:

1. Organize Campaign and Ad Groups: Match your keywords, advertisements, and landing pages

2. Use Phrase Match Keywords and Negative Keywords: Exclude all irrelevant words and phrases

3. Use All Ad Types and Relevant Ad Extensions: Optimize ads so they are targeted to each search

4. Test Ad Copy, Offers, and Review Competitor Ads: Refine and improve your ads – Pause low performing ads

5. Find Low Performing CTR Keywords: Reorganize keywords, create new ads, test landing pages

What is Click Through Rate (CTR)?

Click Through Rate measures how often people click on your ads for every impression your ad gets. If your ad gets 100 impressions and 3 clicks, your CTR is 3%.

What is a Good Google Ads CTR?

Any Click Through Rate that is above average in Google Ads for a given keyword is good. Personally, I try to get my CTR above 3% for the keywords in my account.

What is my Google Ads Click Through Rate (CTR) so low?

Your Google Ads Click Through Rate may be low because of Google Search Partners. Click on Segment and choose to Segment by Network (with search partners). There are other factors that impact it including your number of ads, negative keywords, keyword match types, and more.

Helpful URLs:

Increase Google Ads CTR:

Google Ads Guide:

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5 Simple Ways to Improve AdWords Click-Through Rate – Improve Google Ads CTR for Search Campaigns:

Basic Media Metrics Explained | CPM | CTR | CPC | CPA | CVR | Programmatic Advertising EP 8

This video is about some of the basic calculations you would need to know for media buying, which are CPM, click through rate, cost per click, cost per action, and conversion rate.

Disclaimer: This video only represents my personal opinions. It does not reflect the views of any organization I may or may not be associated with.

Digital Media Activation Playlist:

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bookmark_borderHow Facebook Messenger Generates Cost-effective, Trackable Leads

How Facebook Messenger Generates Cost-effective, Trackable Leads

Facebook Messenger and lead forms drive lead flow immune to the tracking woes caused by iOS 14.5. Here's how — with a step-by-step guide.

Real Estate Lead Generation Ads | Facebook Ads for Real Estate with Strategy – Tutorial

In this video, learn Real Estate Lead Generation Ads | Facebook Ads for Real Estate with Strategy – Tutorial.

Facebook Ads For Beginners [2022]:

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How To Generate Quality Leads in Cost Effective Ways!

REMAX APEX Team Leaders is an INTEGRA-wide event that will bring together high producing agents who are looking to take their business to new heights using trusted methods proven by their peers.

Bassem Ghali
Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner

Bassem is a search engine marketing strategist and speaker with more than 10 years of experience managing online marketing strategies for some of Canadian & International corporations including Canadian Tire, VistaPrint, Remax Canada, Egypt Air, Xplornet, Direct Energy and Toronto Star.

Demonstrated success in online marketing has led to speaking engagements at marketing events around the world, and the honour winning the 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year Award, presented by the Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals!

Bassem is the driving force behind Green Lotus and has an knack for creating innovative online marketing strategies & tools for medium, large businesses and non-profits. In addition to providing digital marketing services, Green Lotus places emphasis on education and training; empowering entrepreneurs, business owners and marketing professional with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in today’s competitive online marketplace.

With a desire to support the community and increase awareness of local community non-profits and charities, Bassem created the Donate & Learn Initiative organizing educational online marketing workshops for entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals, with 100% of proceeds donated to partnering charities.

How to run Messages Campaigns in Facebook | Messenger ads Facebook | Facebook Ads Course |#76

Hello All, In this video, I am talking about –
– How to run Messenger Ads
– Messenger Ads on Facebook
– Click to Message and Sponsored Ads
Note: This channel is for “EVERYONE” who wants to learn “Complete Digital Marketing”
Top Playlists [Free Courses] are:
– Google Ads
– Facebook Ads
– GA4
– Digital Marketing Basics/Fundaments
– Digital Marketing Career/ Strategies/ Freelancing
– Google Search Console

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How to Launch Facebook Messenger “LEAD” Ads to Generate Leads

Learn how to launch Facebook Messenger “LEAD” Ads… it’s a special type of ad that is more like a Facebook Messenger Bot. You ask questions. The lead answers them. Depending on their answers, you can push their information to a CRM and engage with them or ignore them!

// Links Mentioned //
– Conversation Ads:
– Campaign Budget Optimization:
– A/B Testing:
– How to Create an Ad: &t=1539s

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bookmark_borderSEO Glossary: 200+ Terms & Definitions You Need to Know

SEO Glossary: 200+ Terms & Definitions You Need to Know

Confused with all the SEO-related terms and buzzwords you encounter on a daily basis? Here's a glossary with over 200+ definitions to help.

SEO interview important questions, SEO Terms, SEO Glossary of Terms

Top SEO Terms you must know. Call us at +91-9836375842 or Mail us: [email protected]
How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Business and Drive Traffic to Your Website
When do we think we need to start the online marketing of our company what we do? We just think or implement? Here is a brief of what you can or should do. Read along and if you have no clue how to apply it for your company, institute or organisation. Our experts are always willing to help you solve the mysteries of internet marketing.
Bring more traffic and provide more orders to you with a search engine rank that can maintain your branding.

15 Essential SEO Terms

The fundamental aim of search engines is to satisfy its users. They want to provide the best results when a user search for something. When someone uses a search engine, such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo, they are looking for the solution to a problem or the answer to a question. These engines want to provide the most helpful, relevant, and credible answer or solution.

We know learning all the ins and outs of SEO vocabulary and jargon can feel like learning another language. To help you get a handle on all the new terms we’re throwing at you, we’ve compiled a chapter-by-chapter SEO glossary with definitions and helpful links. You might want to bookmark this page for future reference!

This is a list of the 65 most essential search engine optimization (SEO) terms to help marketers communicate with developers and understand how to optimize their websites.

1. Anchor text
Every link consists of two main elements. There’s the web address that the link is pointing to (the destination) and there’s the anchor text. The anchor text is the text that works as the link.

The easiest way of explaining this is to give you an example. Here’s a link to my resource and education page: online business resources. The destination of this link is, and the anchor text is “online business resources”.

Anchor texts are particularly important for SEO. Whenever you’re trying to get a link back to your website it’s good to have a relevant keyword as the anchor text.

2. Backlinks
Backlink is simply a link placed on someone else’s website that points back to your site. Backlinks are one of the most important factors for SEO. Getting a lot of backlinks with relevant anchor texts is the shortest way of improving your search engine rankings.

To read more click on the link below;

SEO Glossary of Terms | SEO Terminology for Beginners | SEO Terms & Definitions | Part 2 (from M-R)

You all must have seen the video SEO Glossary Part one from A to L. If not click here: Here is the SEO Glossary Part 2 from M to R.

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Common SEO Terms | SEO Terminology | SEO Terms and Definition | SEO Glossary 2020

This video covers some useful seo terms and definitions and seo glossary 2020 for new students of seo. This video helps in making people understand common seo terms with the help of examples. It is not possible to cover all seo terminology in a single video, therefore I will try to upload such similar videos time to time in future also. Please help your friends to understand seo terms 2020 in easy way by sharing this video with them.

To watch video on what is robots.txt click here:

To know how to add meta tags in website click here:


bookmark_borderIs The 4-Day Week The Future Of Work? A Q&A With Joe O’Connor

Is The 4-Day Week The Future Of Work? A Q&A With Joe O'Connor

Joe O'Connor and his team are transforming organizations with the four-day week. Is this the end of the traditional workweek?

Is the 4 day workweek coming soon?

At least one state is thinking about offering tax incentives to businesses that give an extra day off a week.

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FOX 5 NY delivers breaking news, live events, investigations, politics, entertainment, business news and local stories from New York City and across the nation.

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Should We Move To A 4-Day Work Week?

Our mindset surrounding work is stuck in the 20th century. With massive improvements in technology and productivity in the last few decades, it’s time to reassess what work could look like. Is it time to move to a four day workweek?

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Links to Orgs and Union Info:


Should We Move To A 4-Day Work Week? – Second Thought

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Citations and Further Reading:

Productivity-Pay Gap:

Ford’s Five-Day Workweek:

Productivity Stats:

Andrew Barnes on his 4-day workweek:

US and Ireland Trials:

4-Day Workweek Whitepaper:

Commuting Stats:

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Demand a 4 Day Week

We Campaign for a 32 hour, 4 Day Week without a reduction in pay so that we have more time for living, more time for each other, a more equal and sustainable society, more productive at work.

Find us on Twitter: @4Day_Week

See more info here:

Is a 4 Day Work Week Actually a Good Idea?

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Are you curious about the 4 day work week?

In this video, we explore the pros and cons of a 4 day work week for businesses. Tune in to learn more!

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bookmark_border103 Small Business Marketing Ideas To Help You Grow

103 Small Business Marketing Ideas To Help You Grow

Whether you need to gain new customers or retain existing ones, here are 103 ideas designed to help you grow your small business.

103 Creative Ideas for Small Business #smallbusiness #digitalmarketing

If you are running a small business then I have 103 business ideas for small
business to invest creativity and consistency towards growing

103 Business Ideas –

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26 Marketing Tips

26 Marketing Tips

thefasttracks – The Simple 3-Step Formula I Used To Earn $5,203.89 Per Day During Lockdown By Just Asking People Simple ‘Yes & No’ Questions On The Internet…


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10 Online Marketing Ideas All Small Businesses Should Do Now

10 Online Marketing Ideas All Small Businesses Should Do Now

thefasttracks – The Simple 3-Step Formula I Used To Earn $5,203.89 Per Day During Lockdown By Just Asking People Simple ‘Yes & No’ Questions On The Internet…


recession profit secrets

Easiest System Ever – Done For You Affiliate Marketing System

perpetualincome365 – How Ordinary People Are Manipulating This SECRET ALGORITHM To Make Perpetual Income Every Month!

Super Affiliate System – John Crestani’s Autowebinar Funnel


FREE Traffic System: Flood Your Sites With FREE Traffic

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10 Marketing Strategies Guaranteed to Grow ANY Business (PROVEN & PROFITABLE)

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Marketing and growing a business doesn’t have to be hard. And what you’ll find is that with the right strategies, systems, and pieces in place, it can actually be a whole lot easier (and more fun… and more profitable!) than you ever imagined.

The key though is to focus on only the most important things you need to succeed. Which is why in this video I’ve boiled business and marketing down to a simple to follow, step by step system that you can follow. A complete list of 10 marketing strategies that will allow you to start, build, grow and scale ANY business that you apply them to.

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bookmark_borderHow To Stay Current In SEO: Top Blogs, Podcasts, Forums & More

How To Stay Current In SEO: Top Blogs, Podcasts, Forums & More

Staying on top of the latest SEO best practices can feel like a full-time job. Here's a list of resources you can use to make it more manageable.

SEO For Podcasts – Open Office Hours For Podcasters

To ask a question, you can submit here:

Today’s live broadcast will cover Search Engine Optimization for podcasters. We will go over some basic techniques as well as some advanced techniques to gather organic traffic to a podcast that will help grow an audience.

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This is a podcast dedicated creatives like you who are looking for that extra spark of inspiration through the stories of other creatives. Links to listen are below:

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Podcast SEO: The Ultimate Guide #seo #podcast #marketing

Podcasts are becoming an increasingly popular medium for marketers and businesses to reach their target audience. With the rise of podcasting, it is important to understand how to optimize your podcast for search engines in order to increase visibility and reach more listeners. In this guide, we will cover the essential elements of podcast SEO and provide actionable tips to help you improve your rankings in search engines like Google.

Keyword Research
The first step in optimizing your podcast for search engines is to conduct keyword research. This will help you understand what terms and phrases your target audience is searching for and how you can target those keywords in your podcast.

There are a number of tools available for keyword research, including Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and Ahrefs. Start by identifying a list of relevant keywords that are relevant to your podcast and its topic. Once you have a list of keywords, you can use them to optimize your podcast’s title, description, and episode titles.

Optimizing Your Podcast’s Title and Description
The title and description of your podcast are critical elements in determining your podcast’s search rankings. Your title and description should accurately reflect the content of your podcast and include the keywords you identified in your keyword research.

When crafting your podcast’s title, make sure it is compelling and includes your primary keyword. Your description should provide a clear and concise overview of your podcast’s content, and should include your primary keyword as well as any other relevant keywords.

Optimizing Your Episode Titles
In addition to optimizing your podcast’s title and description, it is important to also optimize your episode titles. Episode titles should accurately reflect the content of the episode and include relevant keywords.

When creating episode titles, consider using a format that includes the episode number, episode title, and primary keyword. This will make it clear to search engines what the episode is about and help it rank for relevant keywords.

Submitting Your Podcast to Podcast Directories
Submitting your podcast to popular podcast directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts can help increase visibility and drive more listeners to your podcast.

When submitting your podcast to directories, make sure to include accurate and detailed information about your podcast, including its title, description, and episode titles. This will make it easier for search engines to understand the content of your podcast and help it rank for relevant keywords.

Creating a Podcast Website
Having a dedicated website for your podcast can also help improve its search rankings. Your podcast website should include detailed information about your podcast, including its title, description, and episode titles. Additionally, it should include a link to your podcast’s RSS feed, which will allow search engines to easily crawl and index your podcast’s content.

To further optimize your podcast website for search engines, consider including a blog section where you can post transcriptions of your episodes, as well as additional content related to your podcast’s topic.

Podcast SEO is an essential aspect of reaching more listeners and growing your podcast’s audience. By conducting keyword research, optimizing your podcast’s title, description, and episode titles, submitting your podcast to directories, and creating a dedicated website, you can improve your podcast’s search rankings and reach more listeners.

By following the guidelines in this guide and utilizing the tips provided, you can improve your podcast’s search visibility and reach more listeners. Additionally, by creating a podcast website and including a blog section, you can provide additional value to your listeners and increase the chances of your podcast appearing in search results.

One important thing to remember is to keep your podcast’s content fresh and up-to-date. Regularly publishing new episodes and updating your website with fresh content can help keep your podcast relevant and improve its search rankings.

Another important aspect to consider is building backlinks to your podcast’s website. Backlinks are links from other websites that point to your podcast’s website. The more high-quality backlinks you have pointing to your website, the higher your website will rank in search engines. Building backlinks can be done by guest blogging, submitting your podcast to podcast directories, and reaching out to other websites to ask for a link back to your podcast’s website.

In conclusion, podcast SEO is a crucial aspect of reaching more listeners and growing your podcast’s audience. By following the guidelines in this guide and utilizing the tips provided, you can improve your podcast’s search visibility and reach more listeners. Remember to keep your content fresh, regularly publish new episodes, and build backlinks to your podcast’s website.

Complete Blogging Course to Grow Your Business

In this blogging course, you’ll learn how to grow traffic to your blog and turn it into a customer acquisition channel for your business.

Additional Blogging Resources

Complete SEO Course for Beginners: Learn to Rank #1 in Google ►

Use These Blog Post Templates to Write Better SEO Content ►

Content Writing for SEO: How to Create Content that Ranks in Google ►

Content Marketing For Beginners: Complete Guide ►

Content Marketing and Blogging Tutorials ►


In this free blogging course, you’ll learn content marketing tactics and blogging strategies that helped us to grow the Ahrefs blog from 15,000 visits per month to 150,000 visits per month.

You’ll find out why most blogs fail and how you can avoid mistakes the newbie bloggers make. And learn keyword research strategies and the best optimization tactics.

On top of that, you’ll learn content promotion and link building strategies that work for blogs and help you get consistent passive traffic.

Watch the course and put these tips, tricks, and strategies into practice to grow your blog traffic and the revenue of your business.

Here’s the list of lessons in this blogging training with the timestamps:

0:00 Intro
2:39 1.1 What Should You Focus On?
4:39 1.2 Three Customer Acquisition Channels That Actually Work
8:57 1.3 The #1 Reason Why Most Blogs Fail
15:32 2.1 What is the Spike of hope and Why is it Overrated?
20:12 2.2 How to Grow Your Blog: Two Strategies That Work
24:56 2.3 How Often Should You Blog? “Publish More Often” Myth Busted
28:23 2.4 How to Convert Blog Traffic into Email Subscribers
30:59 3.1 The #1 Mistake New Bloggers Make
35:06 3.2 How To Determine The Traffic Potential of a Keyword
40:56 3.3 Keyword Research: How To Target The Right Keyword
44:47 3.4 Keyword Difficulty: How Hard is it to Rank in Google?
51:24 3.5 How to Use Ahrefs’ Keyword Difficulty Metric
55:26 4.1 How to Find Great Blog Topics to Write About
1:00:39 4.2 How to Generate Hundreds of Keyword Ideas From Keyword Research Tools
1:05:24 4.3 How to Find Keywords Your Competitors are Ranking For
1:08:23 4.4 How to Find Low-Hanging Content Ideas
1:12:41 4.5 How to Prioritize Your Content Ideas
1:17:42 5.1 What is Search Intent and Why Is It Important?
1:23:41 5.2 How To Optimize Your Content For Your Target Keyword
1:28:12 5.3 How To Optimize Your Content to Rank For More Keywords
1:32:10 5.4 How to do a Content Audit for Your Blog
1:35:07 6.1 Why Your Blog Content Has to be Great
1:39:57 6.2 How to Create High-Quality Content That Gets Shared
1:47:12 6.3 How To Create Unique Content That Stands Out
1:50:57 7.1 Do You Always Need Backlinks To Rank?
1:58:11 7.2 How To Create Content That Attracts Backlinks
2:03:37 7.3 The “Secret” To Acquiring Tons of Backlinks
2:07:34 8.1 Content Promotion: 4 Common Beginner Mistakes
2:19:59 8.2 6 Content Promotion Strategies That Actually Work
2:26:30 8.3 How To Compete With Big Brands in Google
2:29:34 9.1 4 Link Building Strategies That Work For Blogs
2:35:49 9.2 How To “Steal” Your Competitors’ Backlinks
2:43:55 9.3 How To Build Backlinks With Advanced Guest Blogging Tactics
2:52:18 9.4 4 Guest Blogging “Hacks” For Maximum Results
2:56:46 10.1 How To Promote Your Content Using Email Outreach
3:03:59 10.2 How To Find Thousands of High-Quality Outreach Prospects
3:13:58 10.3 How To Write Effective Outreach Emails

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SEO In 2022: 10 Important SEO Trends You Need To Know

2022 is here and so is the era of machine-influenced SEO.

With so many new algorithm changes, futuristic “AI” theories, and the importance of user intent pulling at your attention, how do you know what to focus your energies on?

What strategies will help you dominate on the SERPs and earn more revenue in 2022?

Miranda Miller, Managing Editor at Search Engine Journal, joins me on the SEJ Show to help give you a clear north star into SEO for 2022.

In this podcast, you’ll discover the top trends as well as gain valuable insights from our ebook that tapped into 44 of our industry’s top SEO professionals.

The generation that grew up with the internet, digital natives, are looking for change, they’re looking for something that’s different from the status quo. –Loren Baker. 10:08

It’s super important to make sure that the information you’re relying on to formulate your own strategy is credible. It changes quickly, so make sure you’re not going off something that happened five years ago. I think we’re only going to see that pace of change speed up this year, so keep your ongoing learning sharp.–Miranda Miller, 50:03

The one thing I always tell people about SEO is you have to be on top of trends, you have to be on top of things that are new, you just have to stay ahead of the curve.–Loren Baker, 50:20

[00:00] – About Miranda’s background in SEO.
[04:47] – How did SEJ find the contributors for SEO Trends 2022?
[06:00] – What are the SEO tactics to throw out in 2022?
[08:53] – IndexNow: An important topic to look out for.
[15:38] – Trend: EAT and quality content.
[19:42] – Is EAT an extension of the Google Authorship Program?
[23:15] – Can you have content quality without EAT?
[24:00] – Will human SEOs be replaced by AI?
[27:06] – Practical examples of using AI.
[29:43] – All about visual content, images, and the need to be original.
[40:55] – What will MUM bring us this year?
[49:32] – Other trends to keep an eye on.

Resources mentioned:

SEO Trends Ebook

How To Use Python For IndexNow API Bulk Indexing & Automation

Ranking Factors Ebook

There’s so much content on the web now that the bar is high, like average is not good enough anymore. So if you’re creating average content, you’re gonna get average ranking – someone’s doing better than you.–Miranda Miller, 20:32

We’re on the verge of going from predominantly one search engine to many search engines. It just feels that way. And we’re at a time of change right now – with things like crypto, the metaverse, web three, I haven’t seen this much excitement since the late 90s.–Loren Baker, 9:32

I think one thing that Google has done over the past couple of years, which has been fantastic with their updates, especially your money, your life, or your health-oriented updates, is making sure that the information that people are reading is coming from a credible source.–Loren Baker, 18:21

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Connect with Miranda Miller:

Miranda is a talented writer, editor, and marketer with over 15 years of experience in the digital space. Her passion lies in the planning and execution of engaging content for SMBs as well as enterprise-level organizations looking to reach out into their communities through content.
SEJ is lucky to have such a passionate and dedicated Managing Editor in Miranda Miller. She’s made it her life’s work, not only working as an entrepreneur but also raising children while traveling around on occasion!

Connect with Miranda on LinkedIn:
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Connect with Loren Baker, Founder of Search Engine Journal:

Follow him on Twitter:
Connect with him on LinkedIn:

bookmark_borderHow To Migrate A WordPress Site From One Host To Another

How To Migrate A WordPress Site From One Host To Another

Migrating a WordPress site from one hosting provider to another can be stressful! Use this step-by-step guide to make it seamless.

All in One WP Migration Plugin – How to Migrate a WordPress Site to a New Domain

Get Siteground Hosting –

In today’s tutorial I am going to show you how to migrate your WordPress files and database from one domain to another using the All in one WP Migration plugin.

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Move WordPress Website from One Hosting to Another | Copy Website using WP All in One Migration

���� Video Description ����

Learn how to move your website from one hosting to another with a few easy steps!

In this video, we walk you through how you can change the hosting company of your WordPress website and move the website to a completely new hosting provider while keeping the website design and domain name.

For this tutorial, we have a website that is initially hosted on GoDaddy. We use a plugin called All in One WP Migration and it allows us to ‘pack up’ our WordPress website into a single file and later ‘unpack’ it on top of a new website hosted on Site Ground.

This process is very simple to follow and you can enjoy your new hosting company whilst keeping your website and domain without any changes.

Sign up for SiteGround below:

You can manually download All in One WP Migration plugin below:

If you want to learn more about pointing your existing domain to a new hosting, check out the video below:

To check your domain registry and nameserver information, use the following link:

If you have any questions about the video, please leave a comment down below.


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Convert Pro – Convert Visitors to Subscribers ����

WP Portfolio – Showcase Your Work ����


���� Table of Contents ����

00:00 – Introduction
01:13 – The Website We Will Migrate
02:00 – Installing All in One WP Migration Plugin
02:45 – Exporting the Website Backup File
03:42 – Creating a new Website on SiteGround
05:38 – Pointing our Domain to SiteGround
06:35 – Re-installing All in One WP Migration Plugin
07:07 – Importing our Website Backup File
08:04 – Completing Migration
08:40 – Confirming Succesful Migration
09:25 – Conclusion


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How To Migrate WordPress Site to Another Domain 2023 ? (Only Few Clicks)

migrate a WordPress site to another domain,
how to transfer a WordPress site to another domain,
migrating a WordPress site to a new domain,
how to migrate WordPress site to another domain,
move your WordPress site to another domain

===== About This Video =====

Hello, in This Video We Will Know How to Transfer a WordPress Website to a New Domain.

Here We Have Created Two Different Websites With Different Domains to Show You Live.

As You See This Website Which Is Domain 1, Is a Ready Website.

On the Other Hand, Domain 2 Is Quite a Blank Website.

Now We Will Migrate This Ready WordPress Site to the Fresh Blank New Domain 2.

To Do This, We Need to Install a Plugin.

Go to Plugin Section, Click Add New. And Search Wpvivid.

Install and Active It.

Do the Same Thing to the Destination Site.

After Activating, Collect the Key of Domain 2. On Which Domain You Want to Arrive With the Old Site.

Click Generate.
Copy the Code.

And Move on to the Old Site. Click Auto Migration.
Paste the Code Here.

And Press Clone Then Transfer.
You Can Also Choose What Parts of Your Site You Want to Transfer. Is It an Only Database or Only WordPress Files or Both?

Here We Want to Move the Whole Website to a New Domain.

The Migration Process Is Ongoing. Keep Waiting Until Finished.

Well. Transfer Succeed.

Now, Scan the Backup File on the Destination Domain.

After Clicking Scan, See the Backup File & That Has a Date to Understand the Time.

Before Starting the Restore Process, Let Me Show You the Current Situation of the Website.

Start the Migration Process Now.

Now the Page Will Be Reloaded. And You Will See the WordPress Website Migration to a New Domain Is Complete.

See, Domain 2 Is Converted to Domain 1’s Design.

If You Compare the Websites, You Will See the Migration or Website Transfer Process Is Complete.

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WordPress Site Migration | Another Server in 4 Simple Steps

WordPress Site Migration Another Server can be pretty daunting, but with this 4 step process, you’ll be done in no time – and it’s FREE!

I’ll show you in 4 easy to follow steps how to take your WordPress website from one hosting account to a completely new one. All you site files, pages, posts, images and everything else will be transferred for you.

No complex tools to learn, no download and uploading files. All done in your WordPress dashboard without any complex steps!

This easy and free WordPress site migration plugin takes care of the entire process!

WP Vivid Backup & Migration:

Take your WordPress website and skills to the next level!

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bookmark_borderState Of SEO: Performance, Salaries & Budgets

State Of SEO: Performance, Salaries & Budgets

Inside State Of SEO: Performance, Salaries & Budgets, you’ll find expert analysis, winning strategies and benchmarks to measure success.

5 High-Paying Digital Marketing Jobs That You Can Do From Home

Do you want to get a high-paying digital marketing job without ever going to the office? Today I’m going to break down five high-paying digital marketing jobs that you can do from home.

Copywriting Course:

Quick Course On Effective Website Copywriting:

SEO Unlocked Course:

Email Marketing Unlocked Course:

Content Marketing Unlocked:

Introduction to Data Science:

CS 109 data science by Harvard:

Applied Data Science with Python Specialization:

MicroMasters® Program in Data Science:

Today I’m going to break down five jobs you can do at home. And best of all, if you don’t know how to do them, I’m going to give you a course that teaches you how to do each and every single one of them. So let’s get started.

Number one, copywriting. Top earners’ average salary, $130,000. Now keep in mind you’re probably not going to earn the top earner salary from day one, but it’s something to work towards for the future. So where can you learn it? There’s a free copywriting course by Neville Madora and it’s a really good course that’s worth checking out.

There’s also a quick course on effective website copywriting by Conversion XL, also known as CXL. And here’s the cool thing with the CXL course. Conversion XL’s all about copywriting for conversion. It’s one thing to write copy that people would just read. It’s even better to write copy that people want to read and then go and make a purchase from. If you can do that as a copywriter, that’s how you’re going to get to the upper levels of payment or salary as a copywriter.

Number two, search engine optimization manager. The top earners’ average salary is $98,000. It can be less, it can be more depending on where you’re starting off. And you’re probably wondering, hey, where can I learn SEO? And keep in mind when you start learning SEO, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to be a manager from day one but it’s something you can work up to.

I have an SEO course on the site. Just go to and click on SEO unlocked. And this course will teach you all the basics of SEO and even some of the advanced lessons as well. And each video lesson is short, to the point, and it’s free. Three, data scientists. Top earners’ average salary is anywhere from 120,000 to $130,000.

And if you’re wondering what a data scientist is, it’s all about computing data and taking that data and then figuring out what actionable decisions a company should be making. And that’s really important. If you can look at data, you can analyze it, but you don’t know what decisions they should be making you’re not as valuable. So that’s a really key point and you’re probably wondering, hey, where do I learn it? Well, there’s an introduction to data science by Metis. You should check it out.

There’s also data science MicroMasters by UC San Diego at EDX. There’s also CS 109 data science by Harvard. And there’s applied data science with Python specializations by UMich at Coursera. And you can check out any one of the courses. You know you may like one better than the other. Harvard is always a good name, especially when you’re putting on a resume. So check that one out as well.

The next one is an email marketing manager. There’s a saying in email marketing, the money’s in the list. You know companies like Amazon, companies like Overstock make so much money from emails. So it’s a very important channel. Top earners’ average salary $110,000.

And the last, you know, a role that you can do from home that pays quite well is a content marketing manager. Top earners’ average salary is $115,000 and you could end up learning it at content marketing unlocked at And with the training courses, I mentioned at on email marketing, content SEO. I also give worksheets, handouts, and lessons and they’re all for free.

00:00 – Introduction
00:33 Job 1 – Copyrighting
01:21 Job 2 – SEO Manager
01:55 Job 3 – Data Scientist
0 2:56 Job 4 – Email mArketing Manager
03:24 Job 5 – Content Marketing Manager

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The State of Software Engineer Salaries

s o c i a l s ☕
business inquiries: [email protected]

s u p p o r t ��
programmer merch:
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g e a r (affiliates) ��️
gear store:

d e s c r i p t i o n ��
00:00 – intro
00:25 – software engineer salary baselines
02:58 – factors that determine software engineer salaries
06:07 – conclusions

Other videos you may like relating to computer science and software engineer salaries:
Computer Science Major New Grad Salaries:
Computer Science Major Career Paths and Average Salaries (Part 1):
Computer Science Major Career Paths and Average Salaries (Part 2):

Software engineer and computer science salaries have the reputation of being relatively high compared to other career paths. But how true is that stereotype?

First it’s important to establish a few salary baselines. Some useful baselines to compare computer science salaries to are both the median household income, as well as the average salary of those with a bachelor’s degree (as I’m going to assume most software engineers only have a bachelor’s degree). Additionally, according to the CNBC article below, computer science students in 2021 were expected to have a significantly higher starting salary out of college than non computer science students. Therefore, there is definitely data that supports this software engineer high salary stereotype.

But what factors go into determining these cs salaries?
One of the main factors is simply location. Many tech companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook have their headquarters in large metropolitan hubs. And these metropolitan hubs usually have a high cost-of-living. Therefore, these tech companies need to increase their average employee salary to account for this high cost-of-living.

Another factor in high software engineer salaries is the fact that these tech companies make a ton of money. 7 of the top 10 companies in the US with the highest market cap, are tech companies.

Additionally, software developer job growth between 2020 and 2030 is quite optimistic (20%). That combined with a relatively low supply and a high demand, will also cause an increase to the average salary of software engineers, and those studying computer science in general.

Lastly, software developers and computer scientists have broad applicability. In the modern era, most companies need at least a few employees to maintain their website/databases/payments etc.

Now all of these factors are purely based on my opinion, so take everything with a grain of salt. And not everyone should study computer science, as differing perspectives in society are usually always beneficial!

Comment down below why you think software engineer salaries are high!

Resources used:


c r e d i t s ��
Smile High, Teddy Roxpin – Looking In
Masked Man – Tiffany
Middle School – Chop City

d i s c l a i m e r
I do not claim to own any or all of the pictures/footage that may be shown in this video.
All of my opinions are entirely my own and do not represent any company I work for or am affiliated with.
Any financial topics discussed are not financial advice

Seo jobs in Pakistan: Salary Expectation, SEO Job Profile 2022 ( Urdu/Hindi )

Here you find the information which helps you to find Seo jobs in Pakistan. Also, After this video, you are able to find a better job. Also, you know the seo jobs salary.

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What are your Salary Expectations? | Best Answer (from former CEO)

The best answer to the job interview question “What salary do you need?” from a former CEO.
This is one of the most sensitive job interview questions to answer.
This is the 5th video in my series on Getting Hired. I will be exploring all the common job interview questions, including “What are your Salary Expectations?” Please see the other videos in my “Get Hired” playlist for more tips.

***My GET HIRED Course***
(More Details: &list=PLO4kDC0EWkeCqHTWtVlHsMQyYSes7hMCD &index=23 &t=0s)

***My $100 MBA Course***
(More Details: &list=PLO4kDC0EWkeACZ6RzI-9sV_sHJgWHbIFV &index=4 &t=0s)

My GET HIRED Series of Videos:

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For Salary Expectations on a Job Application: &list=PLO4kDC0EWkeA33c501tJRPS_ODu99V7HF &index=8

Read more about Job Interviews:

This job interview question has many forms:
What is your expected compensation?
What salary do you need?
What is your expected remuneration?
What is your required salary?
What are your salary requirements?
What are your salary expectations answer
What is your expected compensation?
What is your required compensation?
Salary negotiation
Pay negotiation
Salary question
Compensation expectations
Pay expectations
Compensation question

I’m going to give you the best answer (from a former CEO).
This is the best way I’ve ever seen to answer this question.

There is a big difference between what you learn in business school, and what you need to know in the real world – just ask any startup founder or business owner! My goal is to focus on the real-world aspects of business, giving practical tips and tricks that are not usually covered in school.

This channel is a platform to help entrepreneurs and business owners succeed. It is also to help the world at large to be more effective and successful. The world can certainly use more inspiring leaders, more successful entrepreneurs, and more capable managers – that is what I would like to help bring about.

Who Am I?
I am a practicing management consultant, former CEO, and entrepreneur. I have led many businesses to success, as well as several startups. Among other things, I have an engineering degree, a master’s degree in finance, and a master black belt in lean six sigma.

I have worked across five industries, and have worked in both large enterprise and small businesses. In the last five years, I have also been mentoring startup founders and teaching business at a post-graduate level.

Why I Want To Involve My Community:
The only way this channel will succeed is with YOUR help. In order to know how best to proceed, I need constant feedback from YOU. What topics should I cover? What challenges are you facing? What questions do you have? What changes should I make?

Please contact me with questions, and I will try my best to help. Best of luck!

Thank you for being here and reading this, and have yourself an amazing day!

-Bill “The Companies Expert”


(Please note: I own the copyright to all music contained in this video, and can provide verification upon request.)

bookmark_border4 Top Reasons Your Google Business Profile Information Keeps Updating

4 Top Reasons Your Google Business Profile Information Keeps Updating

Did you know that Google can change info to your Google Business Profile without your knowledge? Learn how to keep your profile accurate.

How to FIX Google My Business Profile Suspension 2023 (Step-by-Step Reinstatement)

Getting your Google Business Profile suspended is devastating. Follow along in this video to fix it and get your business reinstated. This is new updated information for 2023. Thanks for watching and ask your questions in the comments below!

Download this FREE Cheat Sheet


Get the complete list of 4000 Google Business Categories

Get the Google Review email template



00:22 Google Reinstatement Form
01:00 Cell Phone Bill Example
02:17 Government Verifiable Document
03:16 The Google Reinstatement Form
04:39 Where to Get The Business Profile ID
06:40 Patience is Key – Don’t Resubmit
07:20 Get Your Free Cheat Sheet



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DISCLAIMER: Some links included in this video and its description might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service using those links I may receive a small commission. This helps me support my channel so I can make more free videos for you. There is no additional charge to you!
I will see you in the next video!

How to edit your Business Profile on Google

To help potential customers find and learn more about your business, you can change information like your address, hours, contact info, and photos.

New Google Business Profile Interface – Faster Updates, Easier to Use.

Google Business Profile has officially replaced Google My Business and with it comes a new interface. This interface can be used directly from google search and google maps and makes it a lot faster and easier to update your listing and keep it accurate. Find out how to best use it.
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Google Has Changed How to Update Your Business Listing

Google has not only changed the process of how to update your listing; they also changed the name: Google My Business is now called Google Business Profile. The changes are intended to simplify the process of updating or editing your business listing, which I believe they’ve done a good with even though you’ll need to be mindful of these changes going forward. I break it all down step-by-step in my latest video.

#FuneralHomeMarketing #RingRingMarketing